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How to Dump a Bike

Bike on its side

Bike on its side

What?  Instructions on dumping a bike?  Am I nuts?  Nope, I’m not nuts.  Bikes go down.  Could be your fault, could be gravel, could be a slippery surface.  But it does happen.  So, even though you should be on a constant vigil to keep it from falling, you need to know what happens if it does fall.

A little place called Motorcycle Safety Group has some tips for you in this area.

Here’s a quote from their article on dumping a bike:

I have a suspicion that many here think that dumping a bike is to be avoided at all costs. That dumping a bike is extremely dangerous. That experienced riders simply don’t do such a thing.

Nonsense! I do not know anybody who has a few years of experience on two-wheels who has failed to dump their bike, or who will not sooner or later do so.

To dump a bike should be an embarrassment, and is the stuff we kid each other about, but it need not be dangerous.

After a very long ride, I have seen very experienced people stop, get off their bikes and start to walk away from them – without having put their side stands down. I have seen people mount a bike that was parked on a right-biased slope and have the bike fall over to the right as a result. I have seen loose gravel cause a foot to slip away and the bike lay down before an eye could blink. But in virtually every case, there was neither damage to the bike nor to the rider.

It is no sin to dump a bike, but it is stupid and dangerous to end up under that bike!

So, go read what they have to say (click here) and learn what to do if your bike goes down.

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