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Safety Tip of the Week – Highway Pegs or Boards

Safety Feature

Highway Pegs

Wait what?  Highway pegs or boards are a safety device?  And the answer is yes.  Yes they are.  Our friend James R Davis over at has a nice little article on them.  You can read it here.

He points out some very good things about highway pegs or boards.  I can wholeheartedly agree as well.  I’ve been on some longish trips and you’re legs can get very cramped on the pegs all the time.  You can stand up to help alleviate that, but the best solution is to put some highway pegs or boards on your bike.  This allows you to move your legs if needed while remaining safe!

As a matter of fact, this is a project I’ve been thinking of undertaking on the Zombie.


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3 Comments on “Safety Tip of the Week – Highway Pegs or Boards”

  1. Maybe it’s an optical illusion but that peg looks awfully close to the engine casing with no room for a foot let alone the leg attached to it.

  2. Correct, On highway trip comfort is more significant object for riders. As you said pegs or boards are helpful for driving on the highway. But it depends on your bike and your comfort.

  3. charles says:

    This stuff is really good – and made in the USA too!

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